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Do Not Make These Mistakes When Selling a House This Winter

POSTED ON December 13, 2019

The winter can be a difficult time of year to sell your home. Nonetheless, the real estate market forges on and people put their houses up for sale during this time of the year. Below are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs if you will be selling your house this season.

Waiting For The Perfect Time To List Your House

There are a lot of people who hold off on listing houses in the months of November and December. They are under the impression that it is a good idea to wait until after the holiday season is over to put their house on the market. However, people are just as excited to buy holiday gifts as they are to purchase a new home in the wintertime!

A Hefty Price Tag

All home sellers will want to get the best ROI possible for their house. That does not mean they should list their house with an unrealistic asking price. It is better to do some research on the market and figure out the fair market value of your home.

Not Clearing Snow & Ice During Open Houses

It is no secret that many areas of the United States get hit with snow and ice during the cold winter months. If your home is in one of these areas, it is imperative to clear all of the snow and ice on your walkways prior to open houses. After all, you do not want one of these potential home buyers to have a slip and fall accident on your property. 

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Home in winter covered in snow