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How to Play Hardball When Selling a House

POSTED ON October 9, 2019

Whether you have lived in your house for years or even decades, you will want to get the best ROI. Home sellers use clever negotiating tactics to make this possible. Below are some tips on how to play hardball when selling your home. 

Counter With The Asking Price

When people put an offer on your home, it is usually below the asking price. After all, they want to get a good deal on your house. You can make sure you get top dollar by countering their offer with the full asking price. 

Say No To An Offer

There are potential home buyers who are not afraid to submit a low-ball offer for a house. However, some home sellers can get offended when an offer is drastically less than the initial asking price. It is every home seller’s right to reject these types of offers.

Establish A Bidding War

If a lot of people are interested in purchasing your home, it is possible to create a bidding war. This means that multiple people will be putting offers on your house. That way, the home seller can accept the highest and best offer they have received. 

When you sell your home directly to the House Buying Nerds, you won’t have to play hardball. We can put cash in your pocket in no time!  To learn more or to schedule an initial home visit, please go to our website or call 310-906-6823.

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