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How to Sell a Fixer-Upper

POSTED ON January 22, 2020

Potential buyers might be reluctant to purchase a fixer-upper. After all, they will be responsible for hiring other people to do any upgrades or renovations. Keep reading to discover new tips for selling a fixer-upper.

Put The Best Aspects On Full Display

When it comes to marketing your fixer-upper, it is all about showcasing its best features. Maybe your house has a beautiful kitchen or family room. No matter what the best feature of the home is, be sure to emphasize it during an open house or private showing.

Be Transparent About Defects

Honesty is always the best policy! Since fixer-uppers are typically subject to home inspections, it is better to be transparent with buyers regarding defects that need to be repaired. This will help you avoid issues when the house is under contract.

List It For A Fair Price

Home sellers want to get the best ROI possible for their house. However, sellers should also be realistic when setting a price for a home that needs a lot of work. Listing the house for a fair price can help you get that fixer-upper off your hands.

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