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Tips for Selling and Buying Houses Simultaneously

POSTED ON January 10, 2020

If you are in the process of selling your house, you are probably in the real estate market searching for your next home. This can be difficult to juggle for several reasons. Find out how to navigate selling and buying houses at the same time.

Apply for a Second Mortgage

First and foremost, it is important to see if you are eligible for a second mortgage for your new home. When you own two houses at once, you will also have two mortgages to pay. This will depend on your financial situation. 

Secure a Temporary Living Arrangement

In the event that your home sells before you have purchased your new house, you will need a place to stay. You may be able to stay with a family member or friend who lives nearby in the interim. If all else fails, you can secure a temporary living arrangement by renting an apartment and putting your belongings into a storage container. 

Become the Landlord of Your Old Home

It is possible that your current home is not selling because it is a buyer’s market. However, people may be interested in renting out your house in the short term. You can capitalize on this opportunity by becoming a landlord. 

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