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What to Do When Your House Won’t Sell

POSTED ON October 9, 2019

When putting your house up for sale, there is no telling when someone will purchase it. Some sellers get worried when their house isn’t selling. Below are some steps you can take to turn this around. 

Wait To Sell Your Home

Timing is everything in the world of real estate. If you do not need to move out right away, you might be better off waiting to sell your house. Postponing the sale of your home is a good idea when it is a slow season or a buyer’s market. 

Rent Out Your House

When people relocate for work, they may need to move out of the house and into another one in a short amount of time. You can rent out your old house to avoid paying two mortgages at once. Even if you cannot get someone to pay the amount of rent needed to cover that mortgage, it is still better than nothing.

Adjust The Price

At the end of the day, a house may not be selling because of its price. You can test out this theory by lowering the asking price below fair market value. This is usually the last resort for people who are looking to get the best ROI possible. 

If you’ve followed the steps listed above and your house is still sitting on the market, sell your home directly to the House Buying Nerds! We purchase homes in any condition. To learn more or to schedule an initial home visit, please go to our website or call 310-906-6823.

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