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Non-Contingent Offers

When selling a house the traditional way, sale contracts often end up with “contingencies.” That means the buyer or seller can back out if specified conditions are not fully met. These contingencies are negotiated into the contract.

Contingencies add time, uncertainty, and sometimes money to house sales.

When you sell your house to House Buying Nerds, you will never have to deal with any contingencies. You won’t have to compromise, repair, worry, or wait.

Our offers are non-contingent.  With no fees, no closing costs, no commissions, Guaranteed. 

Common contingencies include the following:

  • Appraisal (the house must appraise at the value of the sales price)
  • Financing (the buyer must be approved for a mortgage by a certain date)
  • House sale (the buyer is given a certain timeframe to sell an existing home in order to purchase this one)
  • Inspection (the buyer has a certain amount of days to inspect the property)
  • Cost of repairs (a maximum dollar amount specified by the buyer for any repair work needed  — if the inspection shows repairs will exceed this amount, the buyer can back out or the seller agree to give the buyer a credit)

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