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Get Cash Fast for Your Simi Valley Home

Do you want to sell your Simi Valley home but don’t want to go through the stress and hassle of putting it on the market? Sell your home to the House Buying Nerds. We give all-cash, non-contingent offers for homes in any condition. Need cash fast? Close in as little as a week without having to deal with a bank or lender.

The House Buying Nerds are experienced investors that know the housing market and will give you a fair, honest evaluation of your Simi Valley property. We will then provide an all-cash offer free from contingencies that you can either accept or reject. Ready to sell your home for cash? Call the nerds today at (310) 663-8057.

No Closing Costs, No Commissions, No Fees

Why sell to the House Buying Nerds? No closing costs – ever. Closing costs can eat into a seller’s profits, reaching as much as ten percent of the purchase price. In California, you could pay six percent in commission fees alone. Why spend all of this money for someone to sell your home when you can sell it hassle-free to the nerds?

When selling your home on the market, typical closing costs include: 

  • Real estate commissions
  • Escrow fees
  • Document preparation fees
  • Home warranty
  • Termite inspection
  • HOA transfer fees
  • Notary fees
  • Transfer tax
  • Title insurance
  • Prorated property tax

Run-Down Property? No Problem

In addition to saving on closing costs, when you sell your Simi Valley home to the House Buying Nerds, you never have to worry about repairs or renovations. Our investors can see your property for what it is, regardless of its initial appearance. Get your home sold without having to put it on the market, leave for endless open houses, or clear it out.

We want to get as much money in your pocket as possible, which is why we buy all properties in as-is condition. As a seller, you will not have to invest a single dollar back into your home. Leave the pricey upgrades to our expert home-buying investors. 

What Kind of Sellers Do You Work With?

We work with sellers in any situation. Whether you bought a house in a less than desirable neighborhood or have inherited a fixer-upper, our nerds can help. No matter what your situation, in most cases, we can provide you with an all-cash, non-contingent offer for the sale of your Simi Valley home.

We buy homes in Simi Valley where sellers:

  • Are facing foreclosure
  • Have missed mortgage payments
  • Need a short-sale
  • Are going through a divorce
  • Have inherited a property
  • Have a home in need of major repairs
  • Must relocate quickly
  • Have received a military transfer
  • Lost their job

How Does It Work?

Getting your Simi Valley home sold for cash is as easy as 1-2-3. First, contact our office. One of our home-buying advisors will schedule a quick home evaluation. Do not stress; we do not care what condition your property is in. There is no need to clean or make repairs. We buy homes in any condition.

Second, once we complete our home evaluation, we will submit an all-cash, non-contingent offer. There is never any obligation to accept. You can simply walk away if you do not wish to sell. Finally, if you do accept, we can close in as little as a week getting you cash when you need it most. That’s it – quick and simple. We want to make the home selling process easy.

Why Trust the Nerds?

Our team of nerds are experts in the housing market. We know your property’s actual value and will always provide you with an honest, transparent valuation. Our goal is to take the stress and frustration out of selling your home so that you can get the money you need fast.

All of our offers are contingency-free, so unlike a normal buyer, we won’t back out. There are never any surprises like a bad home inspection or lower than expected appraisal. No brokers, no buyers, just cash. Forget the aggravation and sell your Simi Valley home to the nerds.

Need Cash Now? Sell Your Home to the House Buying Nerds

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